LISTKINGPRO Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software ... Email Promotion tools ... Targeted Email Marketing, and more. ListKingPro is an important webmaster tool and bulk email list management software that works to grow your sales!

ListKingPro is web-based bulk email marketing software. Your email database and the email sending and list management tools are all preserved and maintained on our high speed servers. Easily access your ListKingPro business communications center from anywhere in the world! You won't want to be without it.

ListKingPro provides you with your own secure, password protected back-office web page area to handle all your email marketing needs. It is very POWERFUL and very easy to use!


Savicom Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to maintain and enhance customer relationships and deliver a measurable return on your marketing dollar, especially when you choose an email marketing service provider with the experience, ISP relationships, and product capabilities to effectively execute email campaigns, deliver your email, and measure your results.

Savicom has been providing email marketing services to thousands of customers since 1996. Our email marketing solutions include features ranging from basic email list management and email delivery service, a built-in HTML email editor with email templates and email image hosting, email targeting and email list segmentation, response and conversion tracking, through advanced campaign management features such as behavioral targeting, triggered email messages, and response data mining, providing email marketing services with the most capability with the best value in the industry.

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